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freedom from addictionThe drug problem in Tennessee is so serious that the state finds itself near the top of some very ominous lists. For example, it gained the top spot for the highest number of people abusing prescription drugs in 2007. It becomes clear that Tennessee is a state that has a large number of people who are addicted to illegal substances when one examines the rest of the country. The national average for those who used an illicit substance in the past month was eight percent, and Tennessee reported the exact same number as the stateís average.

Prescription drug abuse is a particular problem in Tennessee, and 3,379 people were determined to be so addicted that they needed to enter treatment at a rehabilitation center in 2010. Opiate-based painkillers were represented as the drugs of choice for most of these people. Marijuana came in second with 2,041 addicts and cocaine was third with 1,437 people checking themselves into a treatment center for help.

Alcohol is also a problem in Tennessee, but comparisons to the rest of the country show that the stateís alcoholism statistics are lower than most other states. Rather than rank within the top ten states as it does for drug use, Tennessee residents rank amongst the bottom ten states for dependence on alcohol. Although this is the case, 4,064 people sought treatment for their alcohol addictions at Tennessee rehab treatment centers.

With so many people experiencing difficulties with illegal drugs and alcohol, itís not surprising to learn that a total of 11,717 people made the very important step to seek treatment at a Tennessee rehab treatment center. To complicate matters, there were also a sizeable number of people who needed treatment for an alcohol addiction that was also accompanied by a drug addiction. A total of 4,931 people fell into this category.

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Tennessee rehab treatment centers treat an alcohol addiction, a drug addiction or a drug and alcohol addiction in a serene setting. People who have tried several times to quit drinking and/or taking drugs are welcome to enter these residential programs. These treatment centers aim to make the entire process as comfortable for everyone as possible with programs just for men, women and adolescents. Right after people make the first call to the treatment center they will be on their way to sobriety.

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